Webinars and Presentations 

RySG 20th Anniversary Celebration at ICANN 69 - 22 October 2020

Session Description:

Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Registries Stakeholder Group.  Includes a video with Brad White interviewing past Chairs of the group.  The group shares stories of the past 20 years, with photos being shared from past ICANN meetings.






The​ Domain Name Business: Everything You Want to Know, Ask or Discuss -

19 October 2020 at ICANN 69

Session Description:

This education, outreach, and engagement plenary session from the ICANN Contract Parties (registries and registrars) aims to improve broader community understanding of the key dynamics of the industry sector on which the finances of ICANN and the ICANN community are based. Generic top-level domain (TLD) registries and registrars occupy a unique position within the ICANN community in that they are directly contracted with ICANN.

First, this plenary session will provide insights into the current marketplace for domain names and related services as well as the dynamics driving change within that marketplace. Second, it will provide insight into the various business models of service providers within the marketplace and the key drivers of these business models. Third, it will create the opportunity for questions, answers and discussions around key business and economic aspects of the businesses and how these may need to be considered within the broader ICANN community and policy making functions.

In addition to the development of the market, topics such as the secondary market for domain names, approaches to abuse, and issues with resellers will be covered by registrars. From the registries, consideration will be given to different approaches for generic (open) TLDs, brand TLDs, and geographic TLDs, as well as key contractual requirements.



Practical Insights on Data Disclosure from Contracted Parties Webinar -

22 September 2020

Session Description:

CPH members will present statistics and best practices for data disclosure requests, contextualized in relation to the data privacy regulatory landscape and ICANN policy. This will be followed by a Q&A focused on open discussion with other members of the ICANN community with the aim of gaining greater shared understanding and a better path forward.







The COVID Registration Spike and Abuse: Lessons Learned from a Contracted Party perspective Webinar - 11 June 2020



Session Description:

Since the outset of the Corona virus pandemic, there has been a sharp increase in domain names related to the virus.  There is an understandable concern by many in the ICANN community that these domains were/are seeking to exploit the situation and use these registrations to propagate systemic abuse.  With several months of learning under our collective belt, this webinar seeks to take a look at the data related to these registrations (presented by ICANN Org), discuss concerns around the registrations from law enforcement (PSWG), and examine abuse levels and responses to that abuse from registries and registrars (CPH). 



Presentation made to the ICANN Board in Montreal at ICANN 66:  Update on the Business Landscape - 2 November 2019

Session Description:

Donna Austin (Chair of the RySG) and Graeme Bunton (Chair of the RrSG) provided a presentation to the ICANN Board providing an overview of the registry market, business models and ecosystem of registry and registrar operations.




Innovations in Top Level Domains - 25 October 2018 -  ICANN 63 Barcelona

Session Description:

There are three goals for this high interest topic session:
1. Demonstrate that innovation is occurring through TLDs and garner community support that the DNS can benefit from new or existing TLDs that provide new products and choices
2. Uncover barriers to innovation so that innovation can be encouraged through new contractual provisions or procedures. This might be particularly valuable for the next round of new TLDs where encouragement of innovation might be one of the policy goals of the program
3. Garner some notoriety and support for new products and encourage cross-community
discussions and education that might improve on the quality or uptake of current innovations



A Walk in the Shoes of a New gTLD Registry Operator - 12 March 2018 -  ICANN 61 San Juan


Session Description: 

In January 2012, ICANN opened the application window for new gTLD registries that resulted in the biggest ever expansion to the DNS, and saw the delegation of more than 1200 new gTLDs.

This session is intended to showcase a number of these new gTLD registry operations and provide an insight into their day-to-day experiences and what it took to bring their TLD to life.

While every registry operator has a similar set of processes as they relate to ICANN requirements, each of the registry operators have a unique story to tell because of the different aspirations of their TLDs and diverse business models.

This session intends to convey several inside stories of what it takes to establish a registry and maintain it and drive it toward hoped-for objectives - where those objectives go far beyond the number of domains registered but instead seek commercial and organization success by serving communities, geographies, industries and socio-political causes.

These goals are sought often in the face of confusing, evolving regulations and a marketplace generally unaware of the benefits domain names can convey.

The session will inform policy-makers discussing the next-round of domain name registries as well as future policy that could encourage innovation, open the marketplace and realise the benefits that domain registries can convey.