RySG Statements and Comments



RySG 3rd Quarter 2019

Public Comments Overview


Public Comments submitted July - September 2019


Evolving the Governance of the Root Server System

  • The RySG supports the Proposed Governance Model and guiding principles, and suggests that RSSAC and ICANN look into clear criteria for volunteers, a vetting process and a conflict of interest policy before constituting the different groups. The RySG commits to appointing representatives to the RSS Standing Committee and the RSS Governance Working Group.

  • Links: RySG Comment (9 Aug) - ICANN Staff Report of Comments (30 Aug)


Draft Financial Assumptions & Projections and Operating Initiatives for the development of Fiscal Years 2021-2025 Operating & Financial Plan

  • Financial Assumptions & Projections: The RySG notes that the scenarios do not assume any further TLD delegations arising from the potential resumption of the New gTLD Program, and provides specific comments on elements in the document.

Operating Initiatives: The RySG requests ICANN to provide clear timelines demonstrating a dispersal in time and resource allocation for when the proposed initiatives will be addressed and suggests the list of key initiatives to be annually reviewed and re-evaluated. The comment includes specific feedback on some of the 16 proposed Operating Initiatives.


Fundamental Bylaws Amendment Proposal – IANA Naming Function Review

  • The RySG makes use of the opportunity of the comment period to flag the limitations the SG sometimes faces in meeting prescribed ICANN Bylaw requirements, specifically when they relate to geographic diversity, because of the composition of the RySG membership. The RySG supports the proposed amendment.

  • Links: RySG Comment (26 July) - ICANN Staff Report of Comments (9 Aug)


Study on Technical Use of Root Zone Label Generation Rules 

  • The RySG suggests that the scope of the RZ-LGR more clearly mentions that the intended use of the RZ-LGR is the root and it should not be used for higher levels. The comment includes detailed comments on specific sections of the document.

  • Links: RySG Comment (19 July)ICANN Staff Report of Comments (15 Aug)


Process Proposal for Streamlining Organizational Reviews





Other comment opportunities


Accountability and Transparency Review (ATRT3) Survey

  • The RySG submitted feedback on the online survey launched by the Accountability and Transparency Review (ATRT3) team.

  • Links: RySG Comment (13 Sept)


NextGen@ICANN Community Consultation

  • The RySG submitted feedback on the NextGen@ICANN Community Consultation that was launched to collect input for the draft propasal for program improvements that will be publish for public comment in Q4.

  • Links: RySG Comment (9 Sept)


Planning Assumptions for Subsequent Procedures for New gTLDs

  • The RySG appreciates the planning assumptions as an important milestone for ICANN to begin to plan and budget for the continuation of the New gTLD Program.  The RySG urges ICANN to move forward with this set of assumptions, even though some of them may ultimately need to be modified based on final recommendations of the SubPro PDP.

  • Links: RySG Comment (30 Aug)


Open Letter to the ICANN Community on DNS Abuse

  • The letter addresses some of the questions that ICANN Org posed during recent community discussions and is intended as a constructive contribution to further community conversation about DNS abuse and security threats at ICANN 66 in Montreal.

  • Links: RySG Open Letter (19 Aug)