Application for Observer Status

Protocol for Observer Status




Effective 1 January 2010




Observer status in the RySG is available in accordance with provisions of the RySG Charter:




“The RySG will provide for observer status for entities that may not be eligible for full membership because of the preceding paragraph, and for entities that have applied, or indicated an intention to apply, for a contract with ICANN to provide gTLD registry services in support of one or more gTLDs.”




  • Observer status will be granted to applicants that fulfill the requirements set forth above, otherwise meet the RySG's then-current qualification criteria, and submit a satisfactorily completed application form.


  • Observer status does not constitute an endorsement by the RySG or its members of the observer’s application to ICANN for a new gTLD.


  • Observer status does not entitle the observer to any voting rights in the activities and deliberations of the RySG.


  • Observers will be included in the regular email list of the RySG and will receive the minutes of the RySG meetings via that list.


  • Observers are invited to attend the open meetings of the RySG held at ICANN conferences.


  • Observers will not normally be included in the teleconference meetings of the RySG. An observer may apply for participation on an agenda topic in a particular meeting by submitting to the Secretariat a request specifying the agenda topic intended to be addressed. The Executive Committee of the RySG will decide whether or not the request will be granted.


  • Observers will be required to pay dues of US$500 per calendar year, prorated quarterly based on the date of acceptance of observer status. An invoice with wire transfer instructions will be provided.


  • Observer status may be revoked by the RySG in the event of failure to comply with this protocol or for other reasons at the discretion of the RySG.