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The New gTLD Applicants Group (NTAG) was formed in 2012 during ICANN’s 44th Public Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic. The group was formed as an Interest Group under the charter of the Registries Stakeholder Group (RySG) to provide a platform for new gTLD applicants to participate within the ICANN community and to gain a meaningful voice within ICANN’s multi-stakeholder policymaking process. All new gTLD applicants were eligible to become voting members of the NTAG and observer members of the RySG. The NTAG remained active from June 2012 through June 2015, when it was sunset after the majority of new gTLD applicants had moved through the process to become full-fledged Registry Operators. During that time, the NTAG had a meaningful impact on many policy matters that impacted the New gTLD Program and helped to shape the outcome of many policy decisions by representing the views of new gTLD applicants.


This page is meant to preserve information about the 2012-2015 NTAG interest group for posterity, and to serve as a resource for new gTLD applicants in future rounds that may wish to seek an avenue for representation within the ICANN community. Below you will find a copy of the NTAG’s Charter as well as an archive of the correspondence the NTAG sent and public comments that it submitted during its tenure.


Those that have questions about the NTAG may contact the RySG Secretariat at: rysgsecretariat@gmail.com, or the RySG Data Management Assistant at : rysgdatamanagement@gmail.com.



 NTAG Charter

NTAG Archive