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RySG Member Benefits

​ “The primary role of the RySG is to represent the interests of all gTLD registry operators (or sponsors in the case of sponsored gTLDs) (“Registries”) (i) that are currently under contract with ICANN to provide gTLD registry services in support of one or more gTLDs; (ii) who agree to be bound by consensus policies in that contract; and (iii) who voluntarily choose to be members of the RySG."

A new member becomes eligible to join the RySG on the “effective date” of the Registry Agreement (RA) with ICANN. The entity that executes the RA is the member. If the same entity executes more than one RA, that entity remains a single member.

If the entity that executes the RA is owned or controlled by a parent (whether operator itself or sponsor) with multiple subsidiaries, each subsidiary may be a member, but the list of members will indicate the affiliation, and the operator or sponsor will have a single vote. For example, if Danish and Nutroll are each signatories of an RA and are controlled by Sweetrolls, Inc., the membership list will show “Danish dba Sweetrolls, Inc.” and “Nutroll dba Sweetrolls, Inc.”. Sweetrolls, Inc. will have a single vote in the RySG as owner or sponsor of Danish and Nutroll. The members’ delegate could be a representative of Sweetrolls, Inc